Updates & Progress

3D Printing and Audiology post on CanadianAudiologist

Last month, I presented information on the topic of 3D-printing in audiology and the medical device industry at the University of Western Ontario.  I received great feedback from fellow students, colleagues, audiologists, professors, and other attendees.  I’ve written a concise and interesting read regarding this topic, and it has been published to the most recent […]

Ninja Turtle Otoscope Handle!

After picking up some new green filament for my 3D printer, I made a new custom otoscope handle.  This one is loosely based off the ninja turtle Raphael! It fits on all E4R View 2 otoscopes. All I need now are the addition of some tiny 3D-printed Sai weapons for max authenticity. 😉 The next […]

Working VRA Device – Larger and updated!

My previous VRA device was great (Click here to read up on it), but there were several changes I wanted to implement in future iterations. I wanted it to be larger, I wanted the controller to look nicer, I wanted the electronics to have a cleaner vibe and be more reproducible on a small scale, I […]

Custom Otoscope Handles

Since the E4R View 2 otoscope is fully 3D-printed, I am able to design and create very customizable otoscope handles.  I recently bought some purple printer filament, and designed a Western University Mustang-themed otoscope handle as well as a purple-and-white  race car-themed handle. Although these specific otoscope handles are quite novelty, I hope to design […]

The E4R View Otoscope Legacy

I have a box where I keep my old 3D prints: some failed prints, old design prototypes, 3D printed ideas and drafts. Stuff like that.  I was going through my old 3D prints, and came across some real gems.  Here are some pictures of the E4R View otoscope legacy, from my first model to the […]

Big Update: E4R View 2 Release

The E4R View 2 is a completely redesigned version of the original E4R View.  Several changes have been implemented! Overall smaller, more compact size and sleek design -Improved battery compartment with high quality battery holders -New slide-out lens functionality -New specula tip holder workings (Now this otoscope requires winged specula tips, such as the Welch-Allyn […]

Mini, Wireless, and Clinically Useful VRA Toy!

For this creation, I used parts of my Mini VRA desk toy to create a real, working, clinically viable mini wireless Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) toy.  This is a draft, and many changes are planned to improve the device.  This device is also 3D printed! VRA is used to assess the hearing thresholds of young […]

E4R View 2: LEDs and the Light Ring

One major adjustment I want to incorporate into the new E4R View 2 otoscope is the way in which light emanates from the otoscope head.  The E4R View had 6 bright white LED lights in an LED chamber within the head.  Although bright and effective, much of the light was used to illuminate areas not […]